Is personal credit in new business advantageous?

Thinking of taking personal credit to invest in new business? Almost all have the dream of their own business and rely less and less on traditional sources of income. But how to get started in this area without capital, right?

To undertake, just have the dream and some essential tips to make your business go out of ideas and become reality. MoneyCo has selected some points to help you make the right choice!


1. What is your idea?

1. What is your idea?

Undertaking is a big challenge, but not impossible! When we believe and have a passion for what we do, the process becomes even more enjoyable and rewarding. So know which market you want to invest in and which business of your dreams. Always pay attention to the news that the market presents and what competitors are trying to improve every day. Your idea may not be innovative, but it may be the solution that many were looking for and didn’t know where to start.


2. Planning is essential!

2. Planning is essential!

That’s it, planning is essential! It’s never too much, and when it’s done you’re more likely to save money because you can map out all your new business spend throughout the month. Want to really profit? Keep expenses noted.


3. Thinking about personal credit?

3. Thinking about personal credit?

Personal credit may be ideal for you to get started with your business. When we are in the early stages and are not yet MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur) or have no CNPJ, personal credit as an individual is the only way out.


4. I chose personal credit, but what is the best option?

personal credit, but what is the best option?

Did you opt for personal credit? Now is the time to ponder which fits best for your pocket and dream. Need a large amount? Perhaps secured personal credit is better than payroll loans, for example. To help you in your choices, we have produced a post with all our indications about each modality. Read more here.


5. Innovation as an ally!

money loans

The world is always changing, almost every day we have big news that can be applied to your business. The example of this is physical money. It’s much more practical, and safer, to carry the credit / debit card in our wallets than to carry cash, right? So, to avoid losing sales (or even worse, the spun), look for a more affordable solution for you and your business, such as payleven’s card machine, which was the first monthly mobile machine in Brazil, by example.

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